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TIGER EYE pendant

TIGER EYE pendant

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The tiger eye has a strong connection with the sun and the solar plexus. This stone is warming, uplifting and “burns away” negative influences. It is said to have revitalizing powers and gives you more energy in everyday life. It has a positive effect on your gastrointestinal function, eyes, liver and the autonomic nervous system. Wear the pendant close to your body, preferably on your skin, to unleash its full power.


Size: about 4 cm
Material: zinc alloy
Accessories: chain not included

Attention: it is a natural product. The delivered item may differ in shape, color and quality from the product in the picture! Your stones/crystals are intuitively selected by us with love and care!

The effectiveness of the crystals and stones we offer is neither scientifically proven nor medically recognized. All information on the effectiveness of the individual products is based on our own assessment and is at no time a substitute for medical or medical treatment!

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