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Simply smoking (Susanne Berk)

Simply smoking (Susanne Berk)

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Discover the subtle power of plants for yourself!

Nature offers us a multi-faceted paradise of a wide variety of herbs, woods and resins, which it has endowed with the most diverse effects. Smoking brings them out and can help us humans in a variety of situations. Use the wonderful effect of smoking in a targeted, intuitive or playful way. Whether you want to fumigate and energetically clean your home - whether you feel like you need special protection, need some soul balm, want to work in a concentrated manner or want to connect with subtle realms - smoking can support you in all these projects. 54 incenses are described in detail, a number of rituals are suggested and traditional uses are explained. Smoking makes our lives richer and more worth living.

- Learn more about the power of smoking
- Experiment with incense rituals
- 54 incenses are described in detail - a basic book and reference work for everyone


Application, effect and rituals by Susanne Berk, 112 colored pages, paperback

Attention: all books & maps available in our shop are third-party publications. The rights to the image and text as well as the responsibility for the respective content lie with the author! Any explanations, instructions, tips, etc., which emerge from the content are in no way a substitute for medical advice and serve exclusively to support spiritual practice.

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